Pay your tax bill by credit card through Billhop

Pay tax to HMRC with any UK credit card.
Even if HMRC is no longer accepting payments (as of 13th January 2018) with personal credit cards, Billhop won't let you down! You still can pay all your tax and VAT bills by credit card online through Billhop.
Billhop is a payment service which enables companies and private individuals to pay bills and invoices by debit and credit card. All major cards, including American Express, are accepted and you can make payments to any British sort code and account number through Bacs and Faster Payments.
By using Billhop you can pay any bill or invoice by credit card, in a simple and efficient way. Furthermore, you take advantage of the interest free payment period on your credit card, so that your suppliers get paid straight away, without any strain on your liquidity.

How can I pay HMRC through Billhop?

In order to pay your tax and VAT via Billhop, you simply need to register for an account on our website. It's easy, takes about one minute and you can start making payments directly! You add a payment by simply entering the recipient's name and account number, the amount you wish to pay and your payment reference. After that, you can complete your payment in an easy and secure way using your card. At this point, you will put in your card information, just like for any other online purchase. After four business days the funds will be received by the recipient, in this case HMRC.

Three simple steps to pay your tax by card

  1. Register a Billhop account -- Either as a business or a private individual
  2. Add your payment -- Use the regular HMRC sort code and account number together with your reference
  3. Done! -- HMRC receives your payment within 3-4 business days

Get started today

Pay your invoices and bills by credit card. The registration only takes a minute and you can start paying your bills with your credit card. Billhop is available for companies and private persons.

What can I pay HM Revenue and Customs for?

You can pay all forms of tax and VAT to HMRC using Billhop, e.g:
  • Self Assessment tax bill
  • Employers' PAYE and National Insurance
  • VAT
  • Corporation Tax
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Income Tax (if you previously paid less than required)

Can I make several separate payments to HMRC?

Of course! You can make any number of separate payments, as long as they are in line with the receiver's requirements.

Are there any other benefits for me if I pay my tax bill on Billhop?

Of course there is! Not only is Billhop an easy way to pay HMRC or any other bill, but you also take advantage of all the benefits of using a credit card. You earn loyalty, reward and bonus points. Moreover, you can easily even out your liquidity and avoid applying for new loans to pay your tax bill. Your card often has a 30-45 day interest free payment period. By e.g. paying HRMC by credit card, you extend your payment period by 30-45 days.