No more late or delayed payments

No more late or delayed payments

Now it is possible to always pay your suppliers on time without any strain on your liquidity!
Many companies delay paying their bills until after due date due to insufficient liquidity. They accept late payment or other penalty fees since they can not be out of money until they have received payment from their customers.
Billhop is a Swedish payment service which enables companies and private persons to use their credit card to pay their bills. Most credit cards allow to extend your payment time interest free for 30- 60 days so suppliers get paid in time without causing cash flow problems.
We want to offer companies an alternative solution to services like factoring. Selling your invoices is a financing method chosen by many companies to solve liquidity problems. Consequently the customer relation can deteriorate while the company is forced to share a large part of their margin with the factor.
"Through Billhop we want to offer companies an alternative to factoring. Instead of selling your future income for a better liquidity, we introduce the possibility to extend your cost until you get paid by your customers"
-- Sebastian Andreescu , CEO Billhop


  • Your suppliers get paid immediately without causing cash flow payments
  • No need to sell your invoices or applying for new loans
  • You can choose for which invoices you want an extended payment period.

Bonus points on your purchases

Several card issuers have reward programs linked to their card such as bonus points, booking trips and cashback on the amount spent. By paying their bills with a credit card, companies can use their earned points to rent cars or to pay for business trips.

How does the service work?

There is a transaction fee which is variable and linked to the transaction amount. There are neither fixed fees, hidden cost nor start-up fees and anyone can register a free account.
It takes less than a minute to get started with the service. No application, credit check or other cumbersome administration is required. You can simply pay with your existing credit cards.