Pay Bills by Credit Card

Pay bills with your credit card

Billhop is a payment service which enables you to pay your invoices and bills by credit or debit card online. Both companies and private individuals can use the service to pay any invoice with either their private or their corporate cards.
For goods and services sold to companies it is quite rare that the supplier accepts credit cards. Being able to use a credit card in such instances can greatly improve cash flow by the increase in the payment days and save time by not having to onboard the supplier to the ERP system.
How does it work?
Using Billhop is extremely simple: you just register an account, add the details for your payments and your credit card information.
You can for instance pay your water, electricity, phone or tax bill via Billhop. It is possible to use any credit or debit card to pay to any British bank account or in the Euro Zone (SEPA payments).
All you need to know is:
  • Sort code and account number or IBAN
  • Reference number
  • Amount
Your card is charged according to the set due date and your money transferred to a customer-only bank account from which we transfer your funds to your payee. This way, you can use Billhop instead of direct debit and take advantage of the benefits of your credit card. If you want, you can also set up recurring or scheduled transactions so that you won't need to worry about your payments every month.
Our customers range from some of the largest companies in the world to private individuals paying anything from large supplier invoices to any utility bill. What our customers all have in common is enjoying the ease of use and benefits Billhop offers.