Pay your Rent Online by Credit Card

Pay your Rent Online by Credit Card

If all you have ever wished is the possibility of paying your housing rent by credit card, thus taking advantage of the interest free period of this payment method, regardless if you live in a flat and you want to pay your apartment rent or in a house, now you can! Billhop is the payment service which makes it possible for all card holders to pay any bill online and is a new way to pay your rent. Click here to find out more about Billhop.

Pay your rent automatically

If you want to stop worrying about your rent every month, Billhop has a solution for that too!

Never be late with your rent payment again

Simply set up the day on which you want your payment to reach your real estate management agency every month and then tick the box for recurring payments -- your card will be charged automatically four days before and you won't have to worry about anything -- your rent will be always paid out on time. Click here to read more about recurring and scheduled payments.

Pay your rent early

If you are worried that your payment may be delayed and would rather pay your rent in advance, simply choose an earlier due date when scheduling your transaction on Billhop. You can also pay the rent for the month ahead or pay 6 months rent in advance, as long as your recipient is fine with it and the amount does not exceed your credit card limit.

What Credit Cards can I use?

You can use any credit card isued within the UK on Billhop. We accept:
You can use your credit card just like for any other online purchase. This means that you can use all of your credit limit, and receive bonus points if your card is part of a loyalty programme.

What recipients can I pay my rent to?

You can pay your rent via Billhop as long as your recipient is a real estate management agency. According to the new guidelines of the industry, we cannot process payments to private individuals.