Plan your payments by scheduling invoices with Billhop

A while ago, we asked you, our customers, which features you would like to see at Billhop. A majority of you wrote that you would like to have the ability to add invoices with later payment dates, to be charged on your card when the time comes to pay.
Until now, it had not been possible to add bills and invoices with future payment dates. Even if the invoice's "actual" payment date was not due until later, we withdrew the money and paid the invoice directly. This is now history.

Schedule your payments

To register and pay invoices is not the most fun one can have (although we at Billhop try to make it as smooth as possible), so many of us tend to sit down and register all our invoices and bills at the same time, to be paid there and then, regardless when the payment is due. It is exactly this normal process that we, with our new service, want to support.
You can now, at the same time, go through the pile of bills, register them on Billhop, and enter when you would like each bill to be paid. Then we'll do the rest -- completely automatically.
The advantage is of course that we don't charge your card straight away, but instead when the bill actually needs to be paid -- so you can optimise your payment period and your liquidity.

How does it work?

You add your bills on Billhop as usual. The bills you want to pay immediately are entered like normal. For the bills you want to pay at a later date, simply set the desired due date when you register them.
Your card will be charged four days before the selected due date. If the payment is authorised, the transaction will be processed as usual, i.e. reaching the recipient within four working days. If the payment is denied, you will be notified by email that the payment was declined allowing you to log in and change cards.
We are very pleased that so many of you chose to get back to us with your feedback, and we will continue as usual to develop our services so that you, our customers, will be able to have the best experience possible.