Billhop: perfect Solution instead of the good old Credit Account

Billhop: the perfect solution for those who miss the good old Credit Account

If you think that life was much easier when you could simply go to a shop, open a credit account and pay your bill once every now and then, Billhop can be the solution for you. Nowadays it is difficult to find shops which still accept this kind of payments, many transactions take place online, without the possibility of purchasing goods and services on credit.
But what if you still wanted to purchase goods and pay for them later on? It can be possible if you use your credit card, although the problem might be that credit cards are not always accepted. What could you do then? You create an old school, but virtual, credit account by requesting your supplier to send you an invoice. Then you can simply pay the invoice on the due date with your credit card using Billhop. With Billhop you can pay all invoices, even when your supplier does not accept cards!
Billhop combines the advantages of using a credit card for your purchases with the benefit of enabling you to pay to any beneficiary within the UK and the Euro Zone. Not only will you be able to benefit from your interest free payment period, but you will also collect bonus points if your card is part of a fidelity programme. What are you waiting for? Register now!