Capital One

About Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation is an American bank which focuses on credit cards, home and car loans, banking and savings products. It is one of the largest issuers of major brand bank card products in the whole world. After launching its products in the UK for the first time in 1997, Capital One has now become one of the ten largest credit card companies in the country.
Capital One aims at finding the appropriate card to suit the needs of every customer. For this reason, they offer a wide range of different credit cards you can choose from if you are looking for the perfect credit card to use to pay your bills online via Billhop.

Credit Cards

Classic Credit Card

The Classic Credit Card is CapitalOne's most popular credit card. It is conceived for customers with bad credit or who are building credit. The credit limit of the Classic Credit Card varies between £ 200 to £ 1500 and it offers the possibility of increasing credit every year.

Balance Transfer Card

Using your CapitalOne Balance Transfer Card you will save money by transferring your credit card balances to Capital One. The Balance Transfer Card is conceived for customers with an excellent credit rating. It has a credit limit up to £ 6000, 0% on balance transfers within the first 12 months, 2.9% transfer fee and 0% on purchases within the first three months.
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