Metro Bank

You can use your Metro Bank credit card to pay your bills and invoices by credit card on Billhop, just like for any other online purchase.

About Metro Bank

Compared to other high street banks such as Barclays and HSBC, Metro Bank has an unusually short history. Opening its first branch in 2010, the bank was the first high-street bank granted a license by the FSA in over 150 years. Metro Bank operates on the principles of technological innovation, availability, and high customer satisfaction. Consequently, Metro Bank has seen its customer base and number of branches grow quickly this past decade. Nowadays, Metro Bank has acquired over 1.6 million customers and operate close to 70 branches all over the UK.
Metro Bank's focus on customer satisfaction has won them several awards. Some of the awards include the Moneywise Most Trusted Financial Provider for three consecutive years: 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Credit Cards

Metro Bank has kept its card portfolio streamlined; they offer regular consumers a personal credit card and another credit card for businesses. You have a lot of flexibility in how you choose to handle your personal or business account. Choose between banking in-store, online, by phone, or in the Metro Bank app.

Personal credit card

The Metro Bank personal credit help facilitate your day-to-day life by making your purchases and spending more convenient. Furthermore, Metro Bank personal credit cards let you control your expenditure through text alerts and personal reports with their Insights mobile app, safe and secure.
The cost of the personal credit card is low; there are no additional fees besides a 14.9% APR. Metro Bank also gives you up to 56 days of interest-free purchases. Striving to make your customer experience as convenient as possible, they offer 7-day-switch guarantee if you want to switch from your old bank. Furthermore, card purchases and cash withdrawals are free within the borders of Europe.

Business credit card

Metro Banks places a high value on personal customer service, and that extends to businesses as well. If you are a business with over £2 million in annual turnover, you can open an account by simply speaking to your local branch director. No matter the size of your business, switching to Metro Bank is quick and easy. Metro Bank will guarantee that everything is transferred in less than a week if your business has an annual turnover of less than £6.5 million and employ 50 people or less.
Their sole business credit card has no annual fee and offers a 14.9% APR. In addition, you have an interest-free period of up to 56 days. Card purchases and cash withdrawals are free in the Single Euro Payments Area, especially beneficial if you operate in Europe.
You can utilize your Metro Bank credit card to pay your bills through Billhop, easy and secure. Take advantage of Metro Bank's credit cards interest-free purchase period of your credit card and pay suppliers right away.
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