Are there invoices that I cannot pay through Billhop?

You can pay invoices to suppliers in the UK and the Euro zone. You cannot pay invoices to debt collection agency, or to another credit card issuer. For invoice payments with American Express you can't make payments to credit institutions or companies with similar operations.
Blocked recipients
  • Card issuers
  • Collecting agencies (credits, debts, loans)
  • BitCoin/Cryptocurrency marketplaces
  • Exchange currency intermediaries
  • Casino and Gambling
  • Arms dealers
  • Second hand vehicles, or vehicles parts
For American Express, the following additional payments are not allowed
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Loans and credit payments
  • Payments to Own Company which is defined as; "payments to businesses for which the payer either serves as a board member, chief executive or is an authorised signatory"
Billhop do not accept remittance (transferring money from a private individual to another one), transactions to one's bank account and payments to the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey).
Please note that the purpose of your transaction must always be stated clearly.