Which invoices/bills can I pay with Billhop?

Examples of the most common bills paid with Billhop are:
  • Home repairs and renovations
  • Car and car repairs /service
  • Holidays
  • Recurring rent and utility bills /amenities (electricity, mobile phone bills)
  • Tax (council tax, corporate tax, HMRC...)
  • Legal fees
  • School/day care tuition
  • Sportclub and other membership fees
  • Any invoice-based purchase for goods or services.
It is not allowed to pay:
  • Debt collectors or credit card issuers
  • Arms dealers
  • Adult entertainment
  • Bitcoin companies
  • Remittance (transferring money from a private individual to another)
  • Loans/credits/debts
  • And following the guidelines of American Express you can not make payments to financial institutions or payments to a private account with an Amex card.
Please note that the purpose of your transaction should always be stated clearly in the reference field.