Billhop for Business

Business Account

  • Suitable for Sole Traders and SMEs
  • Best for paying bills & supplier invoices
  • Earn more bonus points and rewards
  • Option to add different users
  • Multiple currencies & coverage
  • International payments available
  • Sync all due dates to your card's billing cycle
  • 2.95% per-transaction service fee
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Billhop for Individuals

Personal Account

  • For personal use only
  • Best for paying private expenses and bills
  • Earn more of your card's rewards
  • Sync due dates with your billing cycle
  • Manage all your bills on one platform
  • No need to sign up the beneficiary
  • You need to be 18 years old & a U.K. resident
  • 3.5% per-transaction service fee
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What are the differences between a business and a personal account?

Business accounts are best suited for sole traders and SMEs. Certain functionalities can only be enabled on business accounts. These include:

  • Option to add different users to ensure smooth collaboration between team members
  • Multiple currencies and coverage can be enabled
  • Ability to make international payments
  • Capacity to sync with accounting software for seamless reconciliation and easier payment tracking (Upcoming feature)

Personal accounts are best suited for private individuals who want to rack up points and rewards by paying their bills by credit cards.

Does Billhop perform a credit check?

No, we do not perform a credit check.

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